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S E R V E R   R U L E S

╔ No PVP unless given permission to do so.

╟ Don't create lag.

╟ Hacks/Cheats/Exploits/Glitches are not permitted.

╟ DO NOT build in or around spawn. You must go 1000 blocks in each directions of it.

╟ No Stealing or Griefing of any kind. DO NOT break anything in or around spawn.

╟ All nether portals MUST be linked by an Admin.

╟ Don't spawn the wither in the overworld.

╟ While TNT Farms are permitted, DO NOT build any type of farm with the purpose of overloading the server.

╚ You are responsible for making sure you are the only person playing on the account that has been whitelisted, if there's evidence that your account has been used to steal/grief, whether you did it or not, you will be banned.

Minecraft 1.19.4 - Multiplayer (3rd-party Server) 21_04_2023 1_40_31 AM.png

D I S C O R D   R U L E S

╔ No arguing with admin, staff, and other members, banter in the chat is allowed as long as it’s not offensive, also be kind and respectful to others, if these rules are broken, it will result in a warning and if continued, you will receive a ban.

╟ Do not spam any of the chats or members private messages. Do not ping other members more than once. Doing so will result in a time out. If you require assistance or have any questions for an admin or staff member, please head to the ⁠request-support channel and submit a ticket.

╟ DO NOT invite someone you know has been banned, this will result in you also getting banned.

╟ Promoting your YouTube and Twitch channels is allowed, however only in ⁠the self-promo channel, any other type of promoting (other discord servers or minecraft servers) is not permitted unless its for RetroCraft. If this is broken it will result in a warning followed by a ban.

╟ No inappropriate talk, photos, videos and gifs in any of the channels except the ⁠18plus channel.

╚ You MUST be 16 years of age and older to join RetroCraft and must be an active member (two days a week for 20 minutes minimum). Please contact an Admin if you have any questions or concerns around this.

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