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What we've been up to this week - September 11th-18th 2023

Today marks two weeks since Retro's reopening and wow has it been exciting, from our reopening ceremony, fighting the ender dragon and preparing for our first build off competition since last year, there's a lot happening in our server.

I'd like to welcome all new/returning players that joined us throughout this week:

  • Evin

  • Rogue

  • Curtis B

  • RusticGamingYT

  • fallengotbandz

  • Phoenixisdabest

Players have also started working on their shops, a full list of shops will be posted on our website on Thursday 21st September 2023 so stay tuned.

It is also time to announce that once again this year, we will be hosting a Halloween Build Off, last year we had some fantastic entries and we have no doubt this year will be any different. Our top 3 winners from last year were:

  • 1st Place: JayDeezNutz - Ender Chest

  • 2nd Place: MingoTheMango44 - Ender Dragon

  • 3rd Place: Rin - Pumpkin Golem

Photos of the competition from last years event can be found here, or via our social media platforms. RetroCraft Members, more details on this will be announced via our discord today.

Once the competition is complete, a full list of winners and photos will be posted on our website and social medias.

Stay tuned next week for more awesome content as we bring back Weekly News with Woodzy for the first time since we closed in June.

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