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Our first week back!

One week ago today, September 4th, 2023. RetroCraft reopened after taking a few months break and wow have we been busy. From joining the world for the first time, going on a tour of spawn, and our most recent event to end the opening week. Fight the Ender Dragon. Thank you to the 17 people who came and joined us for the reopening event, it was the largest amount of people we've had show up to an event so massive thank you.

I'd like to welcome all the new/returning players that joined us in our opening week:

  • jessmc456

  • Potato1147

  • SomeoneElse

  • Charwee

  • dimgus

  • Equinox

  • FTWdarklord

  • jade

  • PowerPuppy

  • Puncakes

  • JayDeezNutz

  • quibllyfish

  • tea

  • Stella

  • Sweeteee

  • abyssallord

On the 9th September, members came together to fight the end boss, the Ender Dragon. It took many hits and deaths but the final blow was delivered by FTWdarklord. We had a group photo taken of all of us before players finally got to go exploring.

While some players managed to find an elytra within 15+ minutes of going through the gateway, it was ultimatly DraggoPlayz who struggled the most, having walked 9000 blocks and gone to many small end cities, he did not come home with an Elytra. To make matters worst, he died to an enderman on his way back home. Fair to say, the minecraft gods were not on his side on that day.

However it's fair to say we all enjoyed the event especially NeatPepper who joined us for the very first time as she has never been apart of killing the ender dragon before so it was great to have her join us.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our first week back, again it has been amazing and i want to thank everyone for making it so enjoyable. We'll be back next week with another update on all the fun things that are happening on our server.

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